In-depth details of the ZTE deal.


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Most media reports of the ZTE deal stop only mention the $1 billion dollar fine and $400,000 to be placed in escrow.

I thought this reporting was a little lacking in details, so I went ahead and read the details of the ZTE deal and summarized them below:

1. Pay $1,000,000,000.00 within 60 days of June 8, 2018.

2. Pay $400,000,000 to escrow within 90 days of June 8, 2018 to a US headquartered bank selected by ZTE and approved by BIS.
-10-years probationary period.
-$400,000,000 will be returned to ZTE after 10 years.
-Records maintained and retained in the US or fully accessible from the US.
-Comply with all other terms and committed no other violation.
-Comply with OFAC settlement agreement.
-If ZTE is found to be non-compliant, then the $400,000 goes to BIS.
3. ZTE has 30 days to retain and their expense an “special compliance coordinator” (SCC)
-The SCC will be in place for 10 years
-If there is a change to any SCC, the replacement must be made within 30 days
-ZTE can’t hire an SCC to join ZTE until 5 years after the agreement ends.
4. ZTE must complete 9 audit reports to show compliance with US export control.
-Independent compliance monitor performs the first 4 audits.
-SCC completes remaining 6 audits
5. All records must be stored-in or fully accessible from the US.
6. ZTE must allow the US Gov’t to verify adherence to their export control compliance program.
-ZTE needs to provide export compliance training to leadership, mgmt, employees.
-ZTE needs to provide BIS copies of training materials until January 1, 2021.
-Implement export compliance program within 6 months.
-Replace entire Board of Directors
-Terminate all current senior leadership of ZTE and ZTE Kangxun.
-30 days after replaceing BOD, ZTE needs to create audit/compliance committee.
-Within 90 days of order, ZTE needs to detail all Chinese government ownership and control of ZTE, including stock ownership.
-Within 180 days, ZTE needs to publish online the classification under the regulations, publish in English and Chinese.
-Within 4 years, ZTE needs to hold 2 public symposia in China regarding export control compliance.

7. Full and timely payment of civil penalties.

8. For 10 years, ZTE cannot participate in any transaction involving any item exported or to be exported from the US that is subject to the Regulations.

9. ZTE cannot export or re-export to or on behalf of a denied person.

10. Any one related to a denied person also subject to the order.

11. 10 year denial period suspended as long as ZTE pays the penalties. If ZTE violates terms, then a 10-year denial period from the date it is determined that ZTE has failed to comply.

12. ZTE cannot make a statement directly or indirectly denying allegations in the: proposed charging letter, the March 17th settlement agreement, the June 2018 agreement or the superseding order.
-ZTE needs to consult with BIS regarding any press releases

13. ZTE should fully cooperate with BIS, DOJ, OFAC regarding production of documents and witnesses.
-ZTE must be truthful in disclosures to BIS.
-ZTE must make available for interview deposition or testimony of employees current and former as needed.
-ZTE to notify BIS of any violations during the 10-year probationary period.
14. The ZTE order is to be made public.

PLEASE NOTE: The Senate added an amendment in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 that would reverse the ZTE deal if passed. The amendment passed the Senate on Friday the 15th and is now in the House.

My thoughts: I don’t believe the Senators supporting the amendment to the NDAA have read the entire settlement with ZTE. My guess is the Senators only read the “$1 billion” dollar fine.

The US/ZTE deal is good for several reasons:
1. This deal keeps ZTE in business.
2. If ZTE is in business, US companies that supply to ZTE will benefit (Qualcomm, Google, etc).
3. This agreement is the FIRST (and likely the LAST time that the US Government will have any oversight of a Chinese company. I don’t think the Senators understand how unusual this is. Oversight by the US government of a large Chinese company will never happen again.
4. This deal allows the US to ensure no export controlled technology is sent by ZTE to a denied country for the next 10 years.


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