FCC opens comment period regarding Huawei and ZTE’s risk to national security.

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In November of last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a Report and Order preventing US service providers from using the Federal government’s $8.5 billion Universal Service Fund (USF) to buy telecommunications equipment and services from Chinese companies that may pose national security risks to the US. The Report and Order specifically names two Chinese-based companies: Huawei and ZTE.

Last week, the FCC opened a comment period to allow public comments about their initial determination that Huawei and ZTE pose a risk to national security. Comments are due on February 3rd and after the comment period, the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau will release a public notice with their final decision.

In response to the FCC’s November Report and Order, Huawei filed a lawsuit in December in the US 5th Circuit claiming the order is unlawful and the FCC lacks authority to make national security designations.

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FCC Commissioner wants Huawei gear out of US networks.



Geoffrey Starks, source: FCC.gov

In another blow to Huawei, the current acting FCC commissioner, Democrat Geoffrey Starks says the US government should replace Chinese telecommunications gear currently installed on US networks.

As you are aware, the Commerce Department added Huawei to the BIS entity list in May of this year over concerns the Chinese government’s connection to Huawei could compromise US national security. Huawei’s addition to the entity list prohibits US companies from supplying parts and service to Huawei.

The reason the FCC commissioner wants to remove all Huawei equipment is out of fear foreign governments may disrupt US communication networks during times of national emergencies.

The full cnet interview is an interesting read if you have time and can be found here.

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