Qualcomm asks Judge to block iPhone imports – Judge says no because of “public interest factors”.

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Qualcomm appeared in front of the US International Trade Commission Judge on Friday to request a ban on the importation of Apple iPhones due to Apple phones infringing Qualcomm’s patent related to power management technology. Apple’s position is that Qualcomm is requesting royalties for technology unrelated to Qualcomm.

The administrative law judge, Thomas Pender, found Apple did infringe on one patent, but denied the request for a ban citing “public interest factors”.

From my experience, CBP will readily and gladly detain and/or seize any import that infringes upon any intellectual property or trademark registered by the holder. We all know the reason why the Judge said he would not ban the importations of iPhones – he does not want to be known as “that guy” that banned importation of some iPhones to the US – especially due to the release of the new iPhone max and other variations.

Unfortunately, this decision highlights the rules being selectively applied to some and not to others.

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Varidesk files complaint with International Trade Commission alleging patent infringement claims by other height-adjustable desk companies.

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Coppell based Varidesk LLC, makers of the height-adjustable desk platform, has filed a complaint with theĀ U.S. International Trade Commission under section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930.

The section 337 complaint claims other importers of height-adjustable desk platforms and components are infringing upon Varidesk’s patents (9,113,703; 9,277,8009; 9,554,644; and 9,924,793.

After a complaint is filed, the ITC will investigate and after the investigation, they may issue a general exclusion order and a cease and desist order.

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