Investigation on Certain Fabricated Structural Steel from Canada, Mexico, and China.

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Yesterday, the American Institute of Steel Construction, LLC (AISC) filed a petition to assess antidumping and countervailing (AD/CVD) duties on imports of certain fabricated structural steel from Canada, Mexico and China.

The scope covers:

The merchandise covered by this investigation includes carbon and alloy (including stainless) steel products such as angles, columns, beams, girders, plates, flange shapes (including manufactured structural shapes utilizing welded plates as a substitute for rolled wide flange sections), channels, hollow structural section (HSS) shapes, base plates, plate-work components, and other steel products that have been fabricated for assembly or installation into a structure (fabricated structural steel). Fabrication includes, but is not limited to, cutting, drilling, welding, joining, bolting, bending, punching, pressure fitting, molding, adhesion, and other processes.

Fabricated structural steel products include products in which iron predominates and the carbon content is two percent or less by weight. Most notably, the investigation and potential duty orders will apply to fabricated structural steel.

The products subject to the investigation are currently classified in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) under subheadings: 7308.90.9590, 7308.90.3000, and 7308.90.6000.
The products subject to the investigation may also enter under the following HTSUS subheadings: 7216.91.0010, 7216.91.0090, 7216.99.0010, 7216.99.0090, 7228.70.6000, 7301.10.0000, 7301.20.1000, 7301.20.5000, 7308.40.0000, 7308.90.9530, and 9406.90.0030.

If you have any questions how the investigation and potential antidumping or countervailing duties will impact your business, call experienced trade and customs attorney David Hsu at or call/text: 832-896-6288.




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