$21k in unreported currency seized by Customs.

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Photo of the seized currency from the Nigerian travelers. Source: CBP Media Release website.

According to a CBP media release, Customs seized $20,850 from a Nigerian couple entering the US on a flight from London.

The couple initially told Customs they were carrying $15,000 in currency but a subsequent search revealed an additional $5,850. Customs returned $4,990 to the couple for humanitarian relief  and released the couple to visit the US.

Do I have to declare $10,000 when I leave the US or only when I enter?
Both times, you always have to declare more than $10,000 anytime you are entering, leaving or transiting in the US.

Is the limit $10,000 per person?
No, it is $10,000 per group of travelers. You can’t “divide” up money amount your family members to get under the $10,000 limit.

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