Several US suppliers lobby for Huawei.

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According to a Reuters report on June 16, 2019, several American companies such as Qualcomm, Intel and Micron Technology, Inc. are asking the US government to allow sales to Huawei’s units that sell smart phones and computer servers. The American companies claim the smart phone and computer server units operated by Huawei do not present the security concern of Huawei’s 5G networking gear.

The lobbyists indicate that in 2018, Huawei purchased $70 billion in components, $11 billion of which went to US companies Qualcomm, Intel and Micron Technology, Inc.

In addition, members of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), a trade group, also are lobbying on Huawei’s behalf arguing the smart phone and computer server technology is not related to the US concerns over national security. Despite the widespread lobbying efforts on behalf of Huawei (Google included), Huawei has indicated they have had no part in the lobbying efforts.

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