7 effects of Huawei’s inclusion on the BIS entity list.

black huawei android smartphone

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Lots of articles on Huawei and the impact on the company following their inclusion on the BIS entity list, here’s a summary of what has been reported as potential impacts to Huawei:

1. Huawei’s projected revenue will fall from $120 billion to $100 billion;

2. 40% decrease in overseas smartphone shipments;

3. Postponing of their planned new MateBook 14 and update to the MateBook X Pro Line set for June 2019;

4. Google ended Huawei’s Android License;

5. Huawei sales of their Mate 20X and Mate X folding handset postponed in the UK and Japan;

6. Broadcom (major supplier to Huawei) lowered 2019 revenue forecast by $2 billion;

7. Huawei creating it’s own smart phone operating system compatible with Android applications.

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