CBP Beagles find Giant African snails.


Image of Giant African Snails, source: cbp.gov

Two CBP beagles and CBP Agriculture Specialists found live Giant African Snails in a suitcase along with fruits and vegetables in another.

Seized food products are destroyed and the snails were sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for further evaluation. In both instances, the travelers were not penalized, but warned and advised of the proper declaration of pests and agriculture products.

A quick Google search found a link to an US Department of Agriculture website discussing the Giant African Snail. The snails were first found in Florida in the 1960’s and after 10 years and a $1 million dollars, they were eradicated. Unfortunately, the snails were reintroduced to the US in 2011 and are currently being eradicated. The USDA claims snails consumer over 500 types of plants and can damage plaster and stucco while also caring a parasite that causes meningitis in humans.

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