US imposes 400% duties on steel imports from Vietnam.

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In early July, the Commerce Deparatement said certain products produced in South Korea and Taiwan were sent to Vietnam for minor processing before being exported to the US. The steel included corrosion-resistant stell and cold-rolled steel. The Commerce department imposed duty rates as high as 456.23% on imports from Vietnam if they were using material from South Korea or Taiwan.

While Vietnam has been benefitting from the increased duties against Chinese goods – Vietnam’s shared border with China helps the supply chain for manufacturers who go south of the border to avoid the 301 China duties.

However, Trump was quoted as saying Vietnam as the ““almost the single-worst abuser of everybody”, a statement viewed as a potential hint of the next target of his sanctions.

Vietnam is not alone in having companies “tranship” goods through Vietnam to avoid paying tariffs. CBP is also investigating six American companies for evading anti-dumping duties who importing carbon steel pipe fittings through Cambodia.

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