CBP seizes 20,000 counterfeit Oral-B brush heads from China.

PHL OralB12L 101419.jpg

Image of seized counterfeit brush heads, source: CBP.gov

According to a  U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) media release, CBP officers seized 20,400 counterfeit Oral-B toothbrush. CBP officers noticed the poor packaging and lack of quality control while branded with the Oral-B brand name.

As is the case with all suspected counterfeit goods, the CBP Consumer Products and Mass Merchandising Centers for Excellence and Expertise verified with Oral-B the goods were not authentic. Customs estimated if authentic, the seized goods have an MSRP of $95,600.

CBP claims the counterfeit goods “pose a serious health threat to consumers, as do all counterfeit healthcare products. Counterfeit brush heads are manufactured in unsanitary facilities with substandard materials that may sicken users or cause bleeding to a user’s gums or mouth, and structural defects may cause the brush head to detach and potentially choke users.”

This is one of the few instances where I believe the counterfeit goods should be avoided – definitely not worth buying the counterfeit goods as they risk harm to your dental health.

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