Corona virus related counterfeit seizure?

BC szpallets

Pallets of counterfeit cleaning products, source:

According to a CBP media release, CBP officers working at the Bridge of the Americas in El Paso inspected a large shipment of cleaning supplies from Mexico in early March. Upon inspection, CBP officers noticed the cleaning supplies lacked appropriate safety seals. The officers opened the bottles and noticed products labeled containing bleach did not have a bleach scent. After testing of the other products, CBP found almost all the other cleaners contained only water instead of the contents specified on the label.

According to the media release, the shipment contained Clorox Bleach, Pinol Cleaner, Fabuloso Cleaner, Clorox Cleaner and Adorable brand toilet paper. The entire shipment was seized and pending investigation from Customs. The products were likely tampered with and filled with water instead of any actual cleaning chemicals.

I’ve only been practicing law for about 12 years, but this is the first time I’ve seen a seizure with someone going through a lot of work to counterfeit cleaning products. I suspect the shipment was for sale to those looking to disinfect due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic facing the US.

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