$23,641 in unreported currency seized.

Image of hidden currency found in couple heading to Ghana, source: CBP.gov

According to a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) media release – officers at Dulles airport seized unreported currency from a couple traveling to Ghana. While at Dulles airport, the couple declared to CBP they both had a combined $10,500. However, upon subsequent inspection, CBP officers seized $23,641 – more than double the initial claim amount.

According to the media release – the carry-on bag contained an envelope concealed behind the carry-on bag. CBP seized the currency for violations of the currency reporting laws, but did provide the couple with $641 in cash for “humanitarian relief”.

From my experience – it is a lot harder to get a return of seized property when the currency was concealed. In the instant seizure, CBP reports the cash was concealed behind the carry on bag’s liner. We also see travelers who try to place $100 bills between pages of a book or magazine – when this happens, it is a lot harder to prove to Customs the travelers were not trying to evade currency reporting guidelines.

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