Top selling Amazon “EzriCare” eyedrops banned from importation to the US.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement today (Thursday, February 2, 2023); imports of products made by Indian healthcare company, Global Pharma Healthcare Private Limited and sold under the brand names “EzriCare” or “Delsam Pharma” are restricted from importation to the US.

The import ban is a result of a recall of the eye drops due to violations of manufacturing regulations by the manufacturer, lack of microbial testing and concerns over tamper-evident packaging. The violations have led to a potential bacterial contamination that increases the risk of eye infections that may result in blindness or even death.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims at least 55 people around the US have been impacted by the bacterial contamination. So far one person has died from the infection and 5 of 11 patients with infections in their eyes have lost their vision.

The eye drops are top sellers on Amazon and also available through Walmart. If you or your company are on the FDA “red list”, contact attorney David Hsu by phone/text at anytime, 832-896-6288 or by email at;