Huawei CFO seeks bail due to health concerns.

At a court hearing in Canada  yesterday, jailed Huawei CFO, Wanzhou Meng, argued she should be released due to fears for her health while incarcerated. Since her arrest, the 46 year old has been treated for hypertension.

As bail is usually not granted if someone is a flight risk, Wangzhou claimed through an affidavit that she is not a flight risk as she has “longstanding ties” to Canada and even owns properties in Vancouver.

However, it is unlikely Canada will release her on bail as an extradition hearing will determine whether she be extradited to the United States to face trial for allegedly misleading banks about Huawei’s control of a company in Iran. In addition to Wanzhou facing charges; the US could also put the banks at risk for violating US sanctions and incurring penalties.

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