ZTE and Commerce sign escrow agreement – denial ban is one step closer to being lifted.

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Photo by Luke Hui on Pexels.com

Earlier today, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced they had reached an escrow agreement with ZTE. As you are aware, in order to lift the denial ban put in place in April 2018 (and be authorized to purchase goods and services from US companies), ZTE must pay $1 billion dollar fine and place $400 million into an escrow account.

Commerce announced today an agreement was reached with ZTE. The next step is for ZTE to deposit the $400 million into the escrow account. Upon deposit, the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security will lift the denial ban. According to the June 8, 2018 superseding order, ZTE has until September 8, 2018 to deposit the funds – based on today’s news it appears ZTE is on its way to lifting the denial ban.

If you are a supplier or ZTE vendor and have any questions about the denial ban, feel free to contact export compliance attorney, David Hsu at 832-896-6288 or by email at dhsu@givensjohnston.com.

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